About the GCCA

The GCCA Mission

The Global Colon Cancer Association is the voice for the millions of colon cancer (CRC) patients worldwide. We advocate for patient centered policy around the globe to ensure increased awareness and screening, access to quality medical treatments and help our member organizations collaborate, innovate and leverage the full potential of effectuating change.  The GCCA also supports the creation of new patient advocacy groups in developing areas which have no CRC organizations. The GCCA unites all stakeholders in the battle against this disease with one unified voice.

GCCA History

The Global Colon Cancer Association was formed in 2011 by Jola Gore-Booth, CEO of EuropaColon and Andrew Spiegel, co-founder and former CEO of the US based Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA). These organizations are the leaders in their nations in the CRC patient advocacy arena. The vision of the GCCA is to create a global community in which people around the world can unite and battle this disease with one unified voice. The GCCA utilizes Gore-Booth’s and Spiegel’s combined decades of experience in the CRC advocacy community to effectuate meaningful change worldwide. The GCCA is an approved 501(c)3 charity registered in the US. Gore Booth has since retired from the GCCA, but her help in launching the organization remains evident. Read more about our Founders here.
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